Sunday, 29 December 2013

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 I am a white male and 76 in age, I have seen political change in America. From my point of view this change has come came at great sacrifice to many people like Martin L. King, Cassius Clay, Sammy Davis Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama (whose history has not been written yet. just to mention a few blacks.

About 40 years ago, my white supremacy began to erode, high taxes were imposed on myself and those of my class. Then social programs (welfare) were introduced not to mention the war mongers profits. And I asked you . Who footed the bills. All us working class did.
Our government has chipped away the status of my race so methodically that I don”t even recognize myself any more. You do not see my kind out in the streets rioting over an election; we are too damn tired from working to support those who do riot.
What I saw in the last election was a vote and not people with GUNS excising our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms against our own government and drain that swamp. However, we the people are worked up enough now that this new government had better work for us because we now have a new leader, if you know what I mean.
Now do not even think that I am going racist with this post. In no way do you want to go back to those days. My black friends are still suppressed by our government. But government is not satisfied with that so now they are after the Mexicans.
America has always slavery. The Irish, the Chinese, The Africans, The Mexicans. Today we call it minimun wage.
My grandparents were immigrants and so were yours at some point, however, they were not illegal. Look what a great life they created for you.
I have Mexicans that I am proud to call friend. Many Black people are my friends, Polish, Lebanese, Muslims, I know Russians, Asians, Arabs, Jews, Indians and other good folks.
People from all over the world come to visit our national parks and Forest and for over 12 years I have worked with most of our government agencies and met so many people from all over this planet who came to see our parks (one thing America has done right is our parks.)
Let me add this our parks are like our infrastructures; falling apart. Why? Our dollars are needed to fight other countries wars. Who is paying for that? Middle class America.
Again, I am a white male and 76 in age. When I got out of the USAF a Vietnam veteran could not buy a job. So I created my own business and became successful with it. I did not grab hold of someones coattail and let them drag me through their life.
To be a young American with the opportunity that lies before you and especially with a leader like President Elect Trump.
I made a decision many years ago get on welfare or start my own business.
Today this choice can be yours.


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